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Brighten Your World

The right skylight will add light and value to your home or commercial property without making it feel warmer inside.

Contact Lady on the Roof to work with a leading skylight installer in Ipswich, Toowoomba and surrounding areas.

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Why Install A Skylight?

If you have a dark, dim room in your home which you never really enjoy spending time in, a skylight is an easy answer.

This cost-effective solution will instantly transform a room and add value to your home.

Solatube’s Brighten Up series are created to bring light to your home without increasing the temperature.

Get a premium quality skylight from a team of installers you can rely on! Contact Lady on the Roof for skylight installation in Ipswich, Toowoomba and surrounding areas.

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Skylight Installation: Everything You Need To Know

Skylight size depends on room size

​Do you have a bathroom or study which needs more natural light?

A 250mm model will reach an effective light area of 3 metres in diameter.

If it's a larger, working area such as a kitchen, you may need a larger model which will reach 5 metres in diameter and beyond.

Talk to us about the way you use your room

Quality of light is important when it comes to the way you use your room.

Good, full-spectrum light without tinting is essential for seeing true colours and detail in a space like a kitchen or office.

Let us help you decide on the type of skylight that’s most suitable for the room.

Good skylights won’t increase room temperature

Solatube's Brighten Up Daylighting system provides unrivalled performance to exceed thermal standards in Australia.

Its patented design ensures there is minimal heat-carrying infra-red light or midday sun.

Add a double glazed diffuser and you have a cool unit!

Skylights can work with almost any roof

We use products that don't use a one-flashing-fits-all approach. We will select flashings to seamlessly fit your roof profile and protect against leaks.

Talk to us about what we think will work best for your home or commercial premises.

You have a range of options

Choose your diffuser design to match your personal style​ or position it to compliment your interior decor.

Your skylight installer will provide tailored advice before getting started.

Size doesn't always count

Big, square skylights are now old news.

Apart from making your room hot in summer, their performance also doesn't match up to a smaller solid tube model. In other words, you don't need an obtrusive, large object on your ceiling to get the light you need.

Bushfire compliance matters

​Building codes in many areas require bushfire ratings for your building, including the items installed on it.

Check with your local council if you're not sure. Bushfire kits are available for Solatube skylights.

Light requirements differ

A hallway might not need as much light as your bathroom or kitchen.

Ask your skylight installer for a free in-house visit if you're not sure about the options that are right for you.

Accessories will adapt your skylight to your needs

Is your skylight near a TV area so that it requires dimming?

Do you wish to keep things simple by placing a light inside your skylight?

Talk to us about the best solutions.

Cheap isn’t necessarily best

You get what you pay for when it comes to skylights and while flexible tubes are usually the cheapest, they aren't as bright as a solid tube.

If it's just a powder room you need to brighten, a flexible tube might be all you need. Let’s talk so we can figure out the best option.



For modest budget and natural lighting needs.

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Heavenly Intelligent

Maximise daylight in the mornings and late afternoon.

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Brighten Up Daylighting Systems

This premium skylight is unmatched by any other in the market.

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Skylight Accessories

Control light and airflow with our most recommended accessories.

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Want To Experience A Lighter, Brighter Home?

For skylights that transform your property, contact Lady on the Roof.

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