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For A Breath Of Fresh Air

Roof ventilation adds cool air and value to your home while minimising dampness and even helping to reduce your energy bill.

Contact Lady on the Roof for roof ventilation solutions in Ipswich, Toowoomba and surrounding areas.

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Why Does your Roof Need Ventilation?

Roof ventilation serves two purposes.

Firstly, roof vents allow the warm, moist air from living areas to escape your roof rather than creating damp areas and causing issues.

The next reason for roof ventilation is that it can keep your roof cavity from getting too hot and spreading heat throughout your home. As a result, your home is cooler and your energy bills are lower.

Get a premium quality roof ventilation solution from a team you can rely on. Contact Lady on the Roof about roof ventilation in Ipswich, Toowoomba and surrounding areas.

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Roof Ventilation: Everything You Need To Know

Your roof is making your home too hot

So you think it's hot outside?

Just stick your head into your attic and you'll realise how much of that radiates in from your roof.

This hot air needs to be ‘exchanged’ 3-5 times per hour with the help of a quality roof ventilation solution.

Ventilation works in tandem with insulation

The insulation installed on your ceiling is rated to a certain R level.

Extra heat load above that level will sink through to your room below. The idea behind airflow in your roof is that it allows your insulation to do what it is designed for.

Yes! You need roof ventilation in winter

Your attic benefits from having airflow in the cooler months to keep it dry.

By reducing condensation, you will find your insulation will last longer and you will have less problem with mould.

Ventilation doesn’t always replace the need for a thermostat

If you have an extraction fan directly ventilating your room below (as in a cathedral ceiling), it’s still best to install a thermostat to preserve your warm air in the cooler months.

Your solution depends on your roof size

​Working out the total cubic metres in your roof goes a long way to calculate the appropriate amount of airflow required to keep it cool.

Look for long-term savings

The cheapest air vent may not be the right solution.

Talk to Lady on the Roof about the benefits of investing a little more upfront so you get the best returns.

View The Roof Ventilation Products We Recommend


Passive Vents

We use the best quality vents and can provide a range of colours.

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240V Extraction Fan

Consider a double cap motor ventilation with an optional thermostat.

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Solar Powered Fan

These models are low maintenance, leak-proof and whisper quiet.

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Want To Experience A Cooler, Drier Home?

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